Elephant Butte Lake Photo by Sherry Fletcher Located on the southwestern shore of Elephant Butte Reservoir, Elephant Butte offers residents and visitors mild sunny winters, hot summers moderated by afternoon thunderstorms or lake breezes, and practically perfect weather in the spring and fall. Elephant Butte State Park is the state’s largest park, with camping, boating, and fishing on the 43 mile long reservoir. Three marinas, numerous marine service and storage facilities along with restaurants, a golf course and lodging facilities [...] Read more »

New Mexico’s Highway One — slow-paced route reflects the region’s best

Technorati Tags: winter,travelogue Separate from the crowd. Exit Interstate 25 and find yourself on New Mexico’s own Highway One, a slower, quieter route. The road hugs the topography, its narrow, low bridges and sweeping ridgetop climbs reward those taking the alternate route from Elephant Butte to Socorro. Running parallel to Interstate 25, this remnant of the paved road between Albuquerque and Las Cruces was built in the 1930s, and has a good driving surface. It charms travelers with beautiful vistas, [...] Read more »

Gardening the Desert of Southern New Mexico

Technorati Tags: generalinterest,general interest,gardening Desert gardeners face conditions that would wither any other gardener: less than 10 inches of rainfall annually; rocky or caliche (clay) soil with few nutrients; extremes of temperature and weather; oh, and a bit of wind. However, Southern New Mexican gardeners reap benefits gardeners in the north pine for. Long growing seasons mean active gardening for nine to twelve months of the year. Semi-tropical plants survive in protected areas. An assortment of flowers, grasses, cacti, shrubs, [...] Read more »

Winter at Elephant Butte Lake — birds, boats, and beauty

Elephant Butte Lake at sunset Photo by Sherry Fletcher. “Hi, how’s the weather? It’s snowing? Oh, too bad. We just got back from the lake!” That’s my usual telephone conversation with relatives from the north on winter weekends. In its quieter months, Elephant Butte Reservoir, New Mexico’s largest lake, offers solitude and clarity that summer users will never know. The bright, clear sun, the mirrored lake surface, the warm, still air, describe many days throughout the winter months. Add an [...] Read more »

Truth or Consequences and Elephant Butte — each an oasis in the desert

Truth or Consequences Photo courtesy TorC/Sierra County Chamber of Commerce The “Jewel of the Rio Grande,” or Truth or Consequences, is bordered by the San Andres and Black Range Mountains on I-25 between Las Cruces and Albuquerque. It claims its fair share of snowbirds who flock there to enjoy mild winters, lakes and mountains, hot mineral springs, golfing, the El Camino Real Historic Trail, Geronimo Springs Museum and the Auto Museum. T or C was chartered in 1916 as Hot [...] Read more »

The Camino Real — Four Hundred Years of Migration

Looking north to the mountains along the Royal Road   In January 1598, Don Juan de Oñate set forth with an expedition to colonize the lands of New Mexico. Eighty-three wagons carried munitions, supplies and food for 400 men, some soldiers, some colonists. One hundred families, eight priests and two lay brothers accompanied them. Seven thousand head of livestock, grapevine cuttings, seeds and tools were brought to help settlers survive and establish new homes. Measuring four miles in length, the [...] Read more »