Windscorpions — don’t be fooled by their looks

Technorati Tags: windscorpions,animals,wildlife Southern New Mexicans have been terrorized by windscorpions. Many even think they look like miniature aberrations brought forth directly from their worst nightmare. Because of their fierce appearance, many myths have sprung up about them over the years. These myths include certain death if bitten, all the way to your mother-in-law suddenly hating you if you have the audacity to touch one. Southern New Mexicans also have a unique name they call these creatures: “Children of the [...] Read more »

The ‘roons of Artesia - are they dangerous?

Technorati Tags: Vinegarones,animals,wildlife It was one hot Artesian summer night, so no sheets or blankets were anywhere in evidence. Don’t believe in air conditioning. In any given year, I might kick on the swamp cooler for a couple of hours, maybe six times total, during the warmer months. Quite frankly, I get angry when it goes under 80°F. I was sound asleep on my floor mounted mattress (never mind why it was there) when something crawled, tickling slightly, across my [...] Read more »