Who Was Leonard Slye? And what does he have to do with Roswell, New Mexico?

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 5, 1911.  The building where he was born now houses the Riverfront Stadium, also known as Cinergy Field.  Later he and his parents lived on a houseboat for a few years.  Then solid land beckoned and his dad bought a farm.  Farms require long hours, hard work,  distance from neighbors, and schools.  But it agreed with Leonard.  He rode horseback to school since it was long before the days of school busing. […] Read more »

Roswell Symphony Orchestra

The Roswell Symphony Photo Courtesy Dr. Lari Young, Mgr., Roswell Symphony Orchestra. Now in its 38th year, the Roswell Symphony Orchestra‘s 60 members come from all the major cities within a 200-mile radius of Roswell: Lubbock, Amarillo, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, El Paso, Portales, Alamogordo, the states of Texas and Colorado, and, of course, Roswell. It has come a long way since its inception in the basement of the First Methodist Church on July 28, 1959. Though not professional […] Read more »

Robert H. Goddard, space pioneer

Technorati Tags: people,Roswell,Chaves County Space of all kinds surround Roswell. Wide open spaces, Robert H. Goddard’s space experiments, and the crash of a UFO. Has the beginning of space exploration here been overshadowed with all the hype of the UFO crash in 1947? Probably. At the Houston Space Center and Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center, Robert Hutchings Goddard is known as the Father of Space Exploration. But it was here in Roswell in the 1930s that Dr. Goddard brought […] Read more »

Museum Hopping in Southeast New Mexico

Technorati Tags: museums,museum,travelogue Museums are history lessons for those who have lived through that history and those who are too young to have experienced it. When you see how our ancestors lived it doesn’t give credence to the term “the good ole days.” It is, however, a window through which we can view the past. The Roswell Museum and Art Center provides that window in the Rogers Aston Gallery of American Indian and Western Art. That art includes clothing worn, […] Read more »

Make a Date with Route 28 — the Oñate Trail

Technorati Tags: Route 28,travelogue,southwest For those who like to avoid the Interstates and travel the narrower, more quiet highways, New Mexico Route 28 is a lovely, relaxing trip. Begin your trek on this highway at Old Mesilla southwest of Las Cruces. The highway is east of the Rio Grande at this point, but a few miles south it crosses the great river and you are on the west side of it. Some of the stopping and/or shopping places aren’t even […] Read more »

My House of Old Things

My House of Old Things Photo by Phyllis Eileen Banks If you think I’m talking about my own home, it does contain a lot of old things. However, this "My House of Old things" is a Museum in Ancho, New Mexico. Located two miles off U. S. Highway 54 to the east, this large eight-room railroad depot displays the history of a thriving town’s brief life and economic demise. It was built in 1902, the same year Ancho was established. […] Read more »

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park — where the wild things are

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park Entrance Photo by Phyllis Eileen Banks The flora and the fauna come together in the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park at the north edge of Carlsbad, New Mexico, on U.S. Highway 285. It takes visitors through the diverse Chihuahuan Desert, the largest in North America, that spans Southeast New Mexico into the rugged terrain of the Guadalupe Mountains and Mexico. The Park is located on top of the Ocotillo Hills overlooking […] Read more »

Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico — a living history

Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico. The Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico, 200 North Lea Street, Roswell, New Mexico was constructed in 1910 and listed in the National Register of Historical Places.  This stately home, once the residence of James Phelps White, houses the Museum. The yellow-brick home, with its gently sweeping rooflines and large porches, is an excellent example of the prairie-style house developed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is a reminder of turn-of-the-century life in Southeastern New […] Read more »

John Chisum — Cattle King of the Pecos

Technorati Tags: John Chisolm,Lincoln County,Roswell Although Juan de Onate is credited with bringing the first cattle into New Mexico from old Mexico, it was John Chisum and men of his ilk who made the cattle industry an economic force in the 1860s. Chisum was a Texas bachelor in his early thirties. However, there were rumors, later proved to be true, that he had a love affair and two daughters by a mulatto slave girl. He had purchased her for $1400 […] Read more »

Gran Quivira — a part of Salinas National Monument

Church ruins at Gran Quivera Photo by Phyllis Eileen Banks. The Spanish gave this Anasazi village the name of Pueblo de Las Humanas (a thriving pueblo) when Oñate first approached it in 1598 to accept the oath of allegiance to Spain. Largest of the Salinas pueblos, it was occupied for nearly nine centuries, 800 A.D. to 1672 A.D. Later, Spaniards called it Gran Quivira, the object of Coronado’s and Oñate’s futile search for gold. Coronado had taken his search for […] Read more »