Travel photography — good shooting in New Mexico

Technorati Tags: ofinterest Do your friends fall asleep during your slide shows of past vacations? Do your colleagues’ eyes glaze over when you bring out your travel snapshots? Are you frustrated, after a memorable trip, when lackluster shots come back from the lab? Travel photography, like many other aspects of the art, requires a special mindset, a philosophical approach that demands images that reflect only what film records. For many of us, our pictures remind us of the whole fabulous [...] Read more »

Exploring White Sands National Monument

The majestic soaptree yucca spears the New Mexico sky. Photo by Michael and Allison Goldstein. Dawn has yet to break when we first arrive at White Sands National Monument. It is bitterly cold, the gates won’t open until seven, and we are unable to find somebody who can allow us to enter early. Nonetheless, the morning light will reveal the first sand dunes we’ve ever seen, and "magic hour" for photographers should not be wasted in a motel bed or [...] Read more »

Alamogordo’s Space Center — learning about life in space with all its technical difficulties

The Little Joe 2 rocket was used to test the Apollo launch escape system. Photo by Michael and Allison Goldstein. As seasoned science-fiction fans, Allison and I approached Alamogordo’s Space Center with questions about liftoff velocity, orbital trajectories, and re-entry temperatures. Avid readers of Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, our minds were open to ideas regarding black holes, red planets, and little green men. We were, after all, enroute to one of the bastions of twentieth-century science: the NASA space [...] Read more »