Ruidoso’s Ski Run Road — scenic switchbacks

Ski Run Road. Photo by Frederick Mora Snow Country magazine called Ruidoso, New Mexico’s Ski Run Road “a 15-mile corkscrew with precious few guardrails.” Well, it’s actually only a little more than 12 miles up to Ski Apache (sometimes it just feels like more) and hey - there are more guardrails than there used to be. “In the early 70s there were none,” Ski Apache General Manager Roy Parker said. The potholes are gone, thanks to a $1 million resurfacing [...] Read more »

New Mexico’s Rural Post Offices

Technorati Tags: generalinterest Would you like to go to a place where people know your name, where you can visit with friends and neighbors while keeping in touch with what’s happening around the world and down the street? Folks living in rural New Mexico do that every day, just by going to the post office. In a place like Weed, or Claunch, or Ponderosa, the post office is more than a place to buy a stamp. “How’s your dad’s hay [...] Read more »

All about Hummingbirds

Technorati Tags: wildlife,humming bird A “glittering fragment of the rainbow” is how Aububon described the hummingbird. Part of summer in New Mexico is being dazzled and entertained by the antics of these little feathered bits of airborne jewelry. Hummingbirds have the best of both worlds, spending the winter in Mexico and Central America and heading north for our glorious summer weather. There are more than 300 species of hummingbirds worldwide. We have 14 species in New Mexico; the most common [...] Read more »

The Old Dowlin Mill

The Old Dowlin Mill in Ruidoso, New Mexico Photo by Frederic Moras   The sound of water cascading over the immense wooden wheel is sometimes barely audible over the traffic on Ruidoso’s main street. But the wheel turns as steadily as it did more than a century ago. Inside the adobe walls of the old Dowlin Mill , two flint millstones slowly grind a handful of dried yellow corn into fine meal. The mill, Ruidoso’s oldest building, was built by [...] Read more »