Meandering is a Great Sport

Technorati Tags: travelogue,Gila,southwest One of the great outdoor joys of my life is to simply meander through the countryside. That means to hike along with no particular place in mind as my destination, and to do it in a very slow manner. I do my best meandering while hunting. A good example of what I’m talking about happened during my last elk hunt. Rod Chandler and I decided to drop off of a high ridge and descend about a thousand […] Read more »

Kilbourne Hole — Southern New Mexico’s largest sunken crater

The Kilbourne Volcano near Deming Photo by Thomas McGuire Try to imagine, if you will, traveling along a deserted, sandy, narrow, semi-graded track in the middle of the south central New Mexican desert. Everywhere you gaze, there is a myriad of thorny mesquite, interspersed with the ever present chaparral brush (also called creosote bush or greasewood), dry yellow grass, and tall yucca plants. Here and there a fast moving lizard darts across the sandy road in front of you, or […] Read more »

Camping in the desert

Technorati Tags: camping,desert,travelogue Not too long ago I made a hunting trip to the desert again. I also wanted to do a little camping in the back of my pickup. The following is some of that trip. The first night was a bit of a disappointment, mainly because I had forgotten to pack my propane cook stove in my haste to get going. I had big plans for a well planned dinner. Instead I sat under the camper shell as […] Read more »

A grand hike in the Gila

I took a trail the other day that wound its way far above the Gila River. After a mile or so, I left the trail and dropped off the ridge into a deep bowl covered with tall, old ponderosa pines. One pine, at the center, towered high above its neighbors like a matriarch. As I walked beyond the huge tree, I spied the bare skeleton of a dead elk, its backbone and remaining rib cage stark against the brown pine […] Read more »

A Trip to Rockhound State Park

Technorati Tags: State Land,Rockhound,Deming,Luna County I have been hearing about Rockhound State Park near Deming, New Mexico for nearly nine years now, but I never seemed to get the opportunity to go down and see it in person. My wife Jeri and I both love to look for unusual rocks and stones. We have specimens all over the place, inside and out. On a warm, sunny day a short while ago, we decided to take the short trip down to […] Read more »

Cats of New Mexico

Technorati Tags: cats,animals,wildlife Here in New Mexico we are blessed with at least four varieties of predator felines, and I believe there is the remote possibility of a fifth type roaming secretly in the Southwest New Mexico bootheel. The smallest species of cat that inhabits our state is one you would never suspect of being a vicious killer of wildlife, but it is, nonetheless. I do not know its scientific name, so I will just call it “Fluffy”, or the […] Read more »