Wild West History at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park

Oliver Lee Memorial State Park. Photo by Joel Bickings. At first site, Oliver Lee Memorial State Park in southern New Mexico might seem merely a quiet, off-the-beaten-path, sun-backed stretch of the Chihuahuan Desert. The stillness of the landscape, the massive towering cliffs that form a Hollywood-like set backdrop to the Park, even the occasional, swirling dust clouds that meander through the mesquite and yucca desert might give one the impression of quiet permanence. However, a closer look reveals much more. [...] Read more »

Southern New Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert — a pulsating concerto of earth and sky

View from Carlsbad Caverns National Park, facing the Guadalupe Mountain range. Life in the desert is patient.  This may be your final, succinct observation if you linger long enough in the Chihuahuan Desert of Southern New Mexico.  Stay even longer, and the seemingly endless expanse of earth and sky can, in a very unique and mysterious way, be intensely comforting to body and soul - the unapproachable becomes approachable, the forbidding landscape becomes a land of enchantment. While most visitors [...] Read more »

Southern New Mexico’s Golden Legend — Is the Code the Key?

The Kneeling Nun monolith overlooks the Santa Rita copper mine, which used to bea town, and was where Spanish explorers searched for Cibola, the City of Gold. Photo by Dianna Dobbs   So you’ve decided to explore Southern New Mexico.  You have your road maps, a cooler of food and beverages, and jugs of water in the back just in case.  You set out across broad basins under an ocean of blue sky, wandering over rugged mountains rising up from [...] Read more »