A Changing Roswell — what was “The Incident’s” purpose?

Downtown Roswell. Photo by Phyllis Eileen Banks. Nestled in a valley that is the only oasis for 75 to 100 miles in the desert prairie of New Mexico, Roswell is a bustling community of about 50,000 people.  During the famed UFO Festival it grows to about 60,000 to 70,000.  Its main street, appropriately  named "Main Street," becomes U.S. Highway 285 heading north and south.  Its second main street (named what else?  "Second Street") becomes U.S. Highway 70, leading east and [...] Read more »

Roswell, New Mexico — the city with a magnetic personality

Downtown Roswell Photo by Phyllis Eileen Banks. I grew up (more or less) in Roswell. More or less? Well, my family moved often until I hit my teens. We always managed to bounce back to Roswell for a while before we set out again searching for that elusive rainbow my father chased all his life. The year I turned thirteen, my mother declared that a magnet was planted in the middle of Second and Main Streets in Roswell, and everyone [...] Read more »

Listen to the Silent Roar of history

Gila Cliff Dwellings Photo by Carla DeMarco Cliff dwellings. What an unremarkable phrase for such a remarkable feat. An entire village carved out of solid rock. Carved not with the bulldozers and explosives that we so casually use today to gouge mortal wounds into Mother Earth, but with primitive tools and back-breaking labor. Carved not to pillage or destroy but to settle into Earth’s protective bosom as children settle into their mothers’ laps. New Mexico’s Pueblo Indians built these great [...] Read more »