The Little Red Schoolhouse Tree

Little red schoolhouse.  Photo by Jim Reed.   At first I imagined a small tree growing in a planter in the corner of the old red schoolhouse when Kevin told me there was a tree inside. "Why is that unusual?" I asked. "Lots of people put trees inside homes. "No," responded Kevin, "It’s a big tree. They put a big tree inside the schoolhouse." Sitting at a picnic table behind The Trading Post at Three Rivers, I had already spent [...] Read more »

The Trinity Site — Day One, double sunrise

Black and white photo of the Ground Zero tower, displayed along the north fence.Photo by Jim Reed Day One of the Atomic Age, I imagine during the eighty mile drive from Alamogordo to Trinity Site, New Mexico, was much like today except for the early morning rain postponing the experiment from 4:00 to 5:30 a.m. Darkness filled the elongated valley bordered by mountains of hard granite, solidified lava flows and eroded mesas. The rain was undoubtedly welcomed by the sparse [...] Read more »

Sunspot, New Mexico — easier than a trip to the Sun

National Solar Vacuum Tower. Photo by Jim Reed. If you really wanted a close-up look at the sun, you could fill up your gas tank and head sunward. Traveling eight hours each day at sixty miles per hour you’d cover the roughly 93 million miles from the earth to the sun in about 189,583 or so days (519.4 years) and arrive just before Thanksgiving in the year 2,517. Faster and far more realistic would be a visit to Sunspot, located [...] Read more »

Looking for Fort Fillmore

“Today, not a trace of Fort Fillmore is visible. There is not even a historical marker to commemorate the ill-fated post.” — Roadside History of New Mexico The corner of Ft. Fillmore Road and South Main St., Las Cruces (Highway 478) - the only mention or trace of the old fort in the area. Johnson’s New Military Map of the United States, a replica of a map printed for the United States War Department in the year 1861, places all [...] Read more »

Escape to the Gila Wilderness

West Fork of the Gila River Photo by the Author. Pull the plug. Leave conveniences behind. Take the minimum. It’s time to escape the noise and demands of daily life and rediscover mountains, water, trees, animals and the art of recharging. The road heads north, from the pass of El Paso to the cross of Las Cruces and farther to the spot where you turn west and leave the Rio Grande’s fertile sides. As you travel towards Hillsboro, the road [...] Read more »

A memorable day of discovery along Highway 54

Technorati Tags: southeast,travelogue,Lincoln County,Otero County,Highway 54,driving,Three Rivers,petroglyphs The article on New Mexico’s Three Rivers Petroglyphs, I must admit, was difficult to write. For several days now I have gone over it and found that the facts, the sequence of events, the history and overall “flow” of the story have been tasking. Perhaps it’s because I honestly didn’t concentrate on the actual petroglyphs as there was so much going on in my mind during the day trip to Three Rivers. From [...] Read more »

Three Rivers Petroglyphs Site — 21,000 Carvings

Rocks at Three River Petroglyphs.  Photo by the Author.   If you arrive at Three Rivers Petroglyphs Site on a Friday, Saturday or Monday, you will be greeted by Bureau of Land Management volunteer Mr. Daniel Potter of Tularosa, New Mexico. Potter, several times retired from the normal working world and still active well into his eighties, holds a wealth of knowledge accumulated while serving the public during the past six years at Three Rivers. Even more than his knowledge, [...] Read more »