Fishing at Bonito Lake — small lessons in life and death

Bonito Lake. Picture by Greg Holt. "Think of blue water and a fish, strong and silver, swimming freely in the water. Breath deep into your belly and picture the fish who has given his body for you to eat. Feel grateful and respectful for the earth’s gifts, the fish and the ocean, and remember that the fish and the ocean are made of the same things that you are made of and that you are one with the fish and [...] Read more »

ATree for my Future Ruidoso, New Mexico home

Land near the author’s Ruidoso property Photo by Greg Holt The little ponderosa pine was still standing straight even after half an hour of continuous digging around the roots. Sweat ran down my neck and dripped into my eyes. The shovel bounced and skidded on the circular trench I’d excavated around the tree and I noticed that I had begun to grunt comically with each stab of the blade into the compacted brown dirt and rock. I wasn’t used to [...] Read more »

Sitting Bull Falls — Shadows of Clouds across the Desert

Trail to the top of the falls Photo by Greg Holt   Summer:  1966. The powdery sand blew off the rock face I was clinging to and into my eyes. I blinked and squinted into the sun, craning my neck up to look up the steeply canted rock. Through dusty glasses I looked between my outstretched arms at the stretch of the rock face above and suddenly felt utterly alone. I could not see anyone above me, only hot white [...] Read more »