Catherine McCarty — the mother of Billy the Kid and a jolly Irish lady

Today Cathy McCarty, the mother of Billy the Kid, rests in a cemetery off Highway 180 leading into Silver City. In 1873, Silver City resident Louis Abraham, a boyhood friend of Henry McCarty as he was known then, described her as a "jolly Irish lady, full of fun and mischief." But for being the mother of Billy the Kid, history would probably never know the name of Catherine McCarty. One hundred and twenty-five years later, history still knows precious little […] Read more »

The Very Large Array (VLA) — Listening to the Stars in New Mexico

Today, this vast, arid desert valley is now home to the most powerful radio telescope in the world, the Very Large Array. With its twenty-seven dish antennas, each connected to the other, spread out over 22 miles in a “Y” formation, the Very Large Array, or VLA, is capable of detecting extremely faint radio emissions from the distant stars. Read more »