New Mexico’s Boot Heel — scenes of yesteryear

Technorati Tags: travelogue,southwest,Hildago County As I drive, twisting through mountains and leaning around curves, having turned westward at Hatchita towards Animas on N.M. 9, which then leads to Rodeo and to Portal, Arizona, I bask in the warmth of an autumn day. I am taking a one-day vacation to leisurely revisit the sites of Old West tales in the boot heel of New Mexico. This land has been eagerly explored for God and money by the Spanish, fiercely defended as [...] Read more »

Road Forks and Rodeo, New Mexico — just a yodel and a holler away

Rodeo, New Mexico Photo by Carla DeMarco Put on a cowboy hat, grab a miner’s pick, and get out your birder’s field glasses. You may have need of them when you explore the three neighboring villages on the border of Arizona and New Mexico’s boot heel - Road Forks, Rodeo, and Portal. As you travel east or west on Interstate 10, turn off at the Road Forks exit in New Mexico. It marks the I-10 junction with transcontinental Highway 80 [...] Read more »

Animas, Cotton City, and Playas — remnants of the Westward Ho! movement

The Chihuahuan Desert. Photo by Carla DeMarco. Cotton and cowboys, cacti and copper, cavalry and coyotes, chile and coatimundi - and the Chiricahua Apaches. All these help characterize the most southwestern part of Hidalgo County, called the Bootheel of New Mexico, where you will find the small communities of Playas, Animas, and Cotton City. The area’s history is characterized also by the rustlers, thieves, and bandits . . . the Spaniards, Mexicans, and settlers . . . and also by [...] Read more »