March — a month of motion in Southwest New Mexico

The view from Balwin Cabin Public Library in Datil. Photo by Anne Sullivan. March, whether lionish or lambish, is a month of motion in upper Southwest New Mexico. Snowbirds from Minnesota and Michigan crowd U.S. 60 with their fat motorhomes, heading back north from the sun-burnt winter in the deserts of Arizona and California. The highway is further clogged by residents of southwest Catron County departing during school’s spring break for exotic destinations like Alamogordo or Las Cruces. The better-class [...] Read more »

January in Datil’s Swingle Canyon - an exercise in cold

Near the author’s home in Swingle Canyon. January, the start of a new year, a new century, a new millennium. A year, a blank slate in which the furnace hasn’t yet broken, the road hasn’t mudded out, the chimney hasn’t caught fire, the pump hasn’t quit. All these joys of winter life in Datil’s Swingle Canyon are yet to come. Days stretch before me in January - a month of 31 shivering days, the coldest of the year where I [...] Read more »

Magdalena — watched over by Mary Magdalene

Cattle made from recycled materials relax by the Rodeo Grounds. Photo by Kelly D. Gatlin Magdalena has seen it all. From the days of lead, zinc and silver mining in the 1880s and cattle shipping when the railroad spur from Socorro reached the town in 1884 to test missies flying overhead, Magdalena has grown and shrunk and grown again. One of the largest shipping centers west of Chicago, Magdalena was known as the Trail’s End of the livestock driveway from [...] Read more »

Datil, Pie Town, and Quemado — remote and beautiful

Area around Datil, New Mexico. Photo by Carla DeMarco Along U.S. 60 in the northern part of Catron County, the largest county in New Mexico, three towns interrupt the remote mountain landscape. Datil, Pie Town and Quemado are a day’s horseback ride from each other. Pickups have replaced the horses, but ranching remains the main occupation in the area although real estate development is gaining a toehold. With more elk than people, the emphasis is on outdoor recreation in northern [...] Read more »

The Other UFO Crash — Something Happened

Technorati Tags: Catron County,Socorro County,General Interest,History Around the 4th of July every year, Roswell, New Mexico hosts a UFO festival built around the Roswell Incident. Months before, the motels in and around Roswell can be sold out. The hoopla included a parade, film festival, rock concert, costume contest, bicycle run and a glow-in-the-dark golf tournament. Any spare time the visitor had could be spent at the two UFO museums. Any spare money could be spent for T-shirts, toys, gimmicks and [...] Read more »