A memorable day of discovery along Highway 54

Technorati Tags: southeast,travelogue,Lincoln County,Otero County,Highway 54,driving,Three Rivers,petroglyphs The article on New Mexico’s Three Rivers Petroglyphs, I must admit, was difficult to write. For several days now I have gone over it and found that the facts, the sequence of events, the history and overall “flow” of the story have been tasking. Perhaps it’s because I honestly didn’t concentrate on the actual petroglyphs as there was so much going on in my mind during the day trip to Three Rivers. From […] Read more »

Afoot in the Boot Heel

Technorati Tags: Lordsburg,Ghost towns,Shakespeare,Steins,southwest,Hildago County When concrete, crime and commotion drive you away in search of renewal, a trek to New Mexico’s upper boot heel can cleanse the spirit of sludge and jitters. Out in the desert, your only pressure is a gust of wind flapping your clothes and tousling your tresses. Your music, piped over sun-drenched airwaves, is the hum of the wind looping through mountains, carrying celestial strains of songbirds out through the valley and back again to […] Read more »

Southern New Mexico — a first-time visitor’s experience

Technorati Tags: travelogue,southeast,southwest,Lincoln County,Grant County,driving In October of 1997 I was sent from my office in Kansas City to Carrizozo, New Mexico to perform environmental inspection services and onsite management of the demolition work being done on the Union Pacific railroad yard facilities. The former crew quarters were to be disassembled and moved and the old railroad station torn down. Asbestos building materials were to be abated as prerequisite to the station demolition and the disposition of the old crew […] Read more »

The North Star Road

Technorati Tags: Sierra County,Grant County,travelogue,scenic drive,drive,drives,scenic drives,travelogues,Gila,Gila Wilderness The North Star Road (Forest Route 150 on the Gila National Forest map), an unpaved road connecting New Mexico’s Mimbres Valley with Wall Lake, has an undeserved bad reputation. On checking with the Mimbres Ranger Station , I was cautioned to use a high clearance vehicle. I have driven the entire route several times, only once with a high clearance vehicle. I cross-examined the Forest Service person about creek crossings and they […] Read more »

Stopping to see the New Mexico Sunrise

Technorati Tags: travelogue,travelogues When traveling around New Mexico during my work there last year, I found myself spending a good portion of every drive I made pulled over to the side of the road taking pictures. It seems that around every corner and just over every hill there is a commanding view with amazing textures, deep pastel colors, or the surreal effect of heat shimmers and stark contrast. The sight of elk, deer and antelope grazing, or a roadrunner hunting […] Read more »

Shrines along the Highway — Roadside Memorials

Technorati Tags: travelogue,travelogues,road trip,road trips,southwest,Luna County Travelers on NM Highway 11 between Deming and Columbus have no doubt seen the shrines that dot the sometimes lonely stretch of road along the way. Several of these shrines are quite elaborate, embellished with flowers, icons and carvings, while others - a wooden cross with a hand-lettered name and dates of birth and death written on it - are stark in their simplicity. All are reminders of the tragedies which took place there. […] Read more »