Remembering float-fishing in New Mexico

Technorati Tags: water,outdoors,activity,activities,southwest,travelogue In the realm of travel, nothing can approach a successful river run on good water, with the opportunity for some gamefish along the way. Okay, maybe if we could work some hunting into that river run, too. That should be next. Browsing the magazine rack the other day - the most likely place, along with the local honky-tonk, to find me wasting my time - I spied a new outdoor magazine. At least it was new to […] Read more »

On the Trail of Billy the Kid

Technorati Tags: Billy the Kid,Lincoln,Fort Sumner,travelogue In 1878, Billy the Kid was capturing headlines across the American West. Three years later he was dead, shot down by lawman Pat Garrett. Even before his brief life played out, the Kid had become legendary, as either brutish murderer or daring avenger. To this day, the controversy continues. Was Billy the Kid simply living up to the code of the frontier? Or was he a lethal hot-head embellishing his own legend? Visitors from […] Read more »

New Mexico’s Highway One — slow-paced route reflects the region’s best

Technorati Tags: winter,travelogue Separate from the crowd. Exit Interstate 25 and find yourself on New Mexico’s own Highway One, a slower, quieter route. The road hugs the topography, its narrow, low bridges and sweeping ridgetop climbs reward those taking the alternate route from Elephant Butte to Socorro. Running parallel to Interstate 25, this remnant of the paved road between Albuquerque and Las Cruces was built in the 1930s, and has a good driving surface. It charms travelers with beautiful vistas, […] Read more »

New Mexico’s Boot Heel — scenes of yesteryear

Technorati Tags: travelogue,southwest,Hildago County As I drive, twisting through mountains and leaning around curves, having turned westward at Hatchita towards Animas on N.M. 9, which then leads to Rodeo and to Portal, Arizona, I bask in the warmth of an autumn day. I am taking a one-day vacation to leisurely revisit the sites of Old West tales in the boot heel of New Mexico. This land has been eagerly explored for God and money by the Spanish, fiercely defended as […] Read more »

Museum Hopping in Southeast New Mexico

Technorati Tags: museums,museum,travelogue Museums are history lessons for those who have lived through that history and those who are too young to have experienced it. When you see how our ancestors lived it doesn’t give credence to the term “the good ole days.” It is, however, a window through which we can view the past. The Roswell Museum and Art Center provides that window in the Rogers Aston Gallery of American Indian and Western Art. That art includes clothing worn, […] Read more »

Mescalaro Labor Day

Technorati Tags: travelogue,Lincoln County For most of us, Labor Day fills a primitive need for a special day to mark the change of seasons, the end of summer and the beginning of fall. In New Mexico’s Sacramento Mountains on Labor Day, summer still held the land in her dark green grip. Only the sunflowers and asters crowding the highway hinted that fall was squeezing in. But we knew. Because it was Labor Day we went about the rituals that would […] Read more »

Meandering is a Great Sport

Technorati Tags: travelogue,Gila,southwest One of the great outdoor joys of my life is to simply meander through the countryside. That means to hike along with no particular place in mind as my destination, and to do it in a very slow manner. I do my best meandering while hunting. A good example of what I’m talking about happened during my last elk hunt. Rod Chandler and I decided to drop off of a high ridge and descend about a thousand […] Read more »

Make a Date with Route 28 — the Oñate Trail

Technorati Tags: Route 28,travelogue,southwest For those who like to avoid the Interstates and travel the narrower, more quiet highways, New Mexico Route 28 is a lovely, relaxing trip. Begin your trek on this highway at Old Mesilla southwest of Las Cruces. The highway is east of the Rio Grande at this point, but a few miles south it crosses the great river and you are on the west side of it. Some of the stopping and/or shopping places aren’t even […] Read more »

Camping in the desert

Technorati Tags: camping,desert,travelogue Not too long ago I made a hunting trip to the desert again. I also wanted to do a little camping in the back of my pickup. The following is some of that trip. The first night was a bit of a disappointment, mainly because I had forgotten to pack my propane cook stove in my haste to get going. I had big plans for a well planned dinner. Instead I sat under the camper shell as […] Read more »

A Trip to Rockhound State Park

Technorati Tags: State Land,Rockhound,Deming,Luna County I have been hearing about Rockhound State Park near Deming, New Mexico for nearly nine years now, but I never seemed to get the opportunity to go down and see it in person. My wife Jeri and I both love to look for unusual rocks and stones. We have specimens all over the place, inside and out. On a warm, sunny day a short while ago, we decided to take the short trip down to […] Read more »