The Apache Kid

Technorati Tags: The Apache Kid,people,southwest High in the San Mateo Mountains of the Cibola National Forest in New Mexico is Apache Kid Peak, and one mile northwest as the crow flies, at Cyclone Saddle, is the Apache Kid gravesite. The hiker who comes across the marked site in such a remote area may wonder who the Kid was, and perhaps will ask himself why, so far from the usual tourist attractions, such an elaborate memorial has been assembled. In the […] Read more »

Robert H. Goddard, space pioneer

Technorati Tags: people,Roswell,Chaves County Space of all kinds surround Roswell. Wide open spaces, Robert H. Goddard’s space experiments, and the crash of a UFO. Has the beginning of space exploration here been overshadowed with all the hype of the UFO crash in 1947? Probably. At the Houston Space Center and Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center, Robert Hutchings Goddard is known as the Father of Space Exploration. But it was here in Roswell in the 1930s that Dr. Goddard brought […] Read more »

Mountain Men of the Gila

Technorati Tags: people In his grip on the imagination, psyche and national character, the mountain man rivals the cowboy as the archetypal American Hero. In the Southwest the mountain man reached his zenith, and held his lifestyle longest, in the region’s last great wilderness - the Gila country of southwest New Mexico. Here within the mountains and canyons of the Gila, San Francisco and Mimbres Rivers, the mountain man era lasted well into the 20th century. The fur trade brought […] Read more »

Mildred Cusey — madam entrepreneur

Technorati Tags: food,sex,prostitution,madam,Millie,Mildred Cusey,southwest,Silver City,Deming,Grant County,Luna County,person,people   “All the faults of humanity are more pardonable than the means to conceal them.” — Rochefoucauld, French philanthropist (1747 - 1827)   The history of humanity is a long and complex one. When stripped of all the manifold facts and figures, it really comes down to two key fundamentals: food and sex. Food sustains the living, while sex insures the continuity of that living. Mildred Cusey spent most of her life engaged […] Read more »

Martin Price — modern day Mountain Man

Technorati Tags: person,people,mountain man,southwest,Gila While a correspondent for the Albuquerque Journal, I spent an afternoon in the Grant County Jail interviewing a modern day mountain man. This isn’t writing; it was just a matter of getting the man to talk and then arranging the notes so it all made some sense. After the piece came out there was some comment by law enforcement that I’d made the guy out to be better than he was. For example, I found out […] Read more »

José Chavez y Chavez — Hombre Muy Malo

Technorati Tags: person,people,history In the days of the Old West, New Mexico was home, at one time or another, to many of the more colorful desperadoes. The Clantons, William Bonney, Jesse Evans, William “Curley Bill” Brocius, Clay Allison, Doroteo “El Tigre” Sains, Tom “Black Jack” Ketchum, John “King of the Rustlers” Kinney, Jim Miller, and Johnny Ringo are a relatively small sample. Because of its remoteness and proximity to the Mexican border, Southern New Mexico attracted a large number of […] Read more »

John Chisum — Cattle King of the Pecos

Technorati Tags: John Chisolm,Lincoln County,Roswell Although Juan de Onate is credited with bringing the first cattle into New Mexico from old Mexico, it was John Chisum and men of his ilk who made the cattle industry an economic force in the 1860s. Chisum was a Texas bachelor in his early thirties. However, there were rumors, later proved to be true, that he had a love affair and two daughters by a mulatto slave girl. He had purchased her for $1400 […] Read more »


Technorati Tags: Victorio,Apache,chief,southwest,Sierra County,Grant County,history Victorio’s Mimbres Apaches were concentrated family units which had once populated the Mimbres and Gila Rivers, and Mogollon Mountains. Through attrition from contact with encroaching Spanish, Mexican, and American settlers, their numbers dwindled, and in 1870 the Mimbres Apaches were given a small reservation, Ojo Caliente or Warm Springs, northwest of present Truth or Consequences. Victorio, born sometime in the 1820s conflicts, grew up in an era of escalating conflicts between Apaches, Mexicans, and American […] Read more »

Geronimo’s surrender — Skeleton Canyon, 1886

Technorati Tags: Apache,Geronimo,southwest,surrender,people,history On May 17, 1885, Mangus (son of Mangus Colorado), Chihuahua, Nachite, old Nana, the shaman Geronimo, and their followers fled the San Carlos reservation in Arizona in an attempt to regain the freedom they had known before the reservation system was instituted by the United States government. The restrictions of reservation life were difficult for these semi-nomads, and they longed for the openness of the land the Spaniards had called Apacheria. Although the Chiracahuas could not have […] Read more »

Bob Sundown — freedom in a sheep wagon

Technorati Tags: people,southwest Oldtimer Bob Sundown is a dropout in the true sense of the word. For 40 years he has voyaged about 20 miles a day along the West’s gritty highway shoulders in a donkey-drawn sheep wagon he and some kids built from discarded materials. “Thousands of friends,” a few live-in chickens and his knowledge of edible plants form his sometimes tenuous security net. Although he intentionally draws no pension nor social security, he claims he’s the richest man […] Read more »