Posole Stew — a New Mexico holiday tradition

Technorati Tags: food At holiday time people throughout the world honor traditions, and New Mexico is no exception. One tradition many here look forward to on Christmas Eve is a steaming bowl of posole (po-SO-lay), a spicy corn stew that is known as the ceremonial dish for celebrating life’s blessings. New Mexicans have been enjoying posole for centuries. The cuisine here springs from three cultures: Native American, Mexican, and European. The Rio Grande Pueblo Indians, and their ancestors, the “Anasazi,” […] Read more »

A Guide to Southern New Mexico Chile

Technorati Tags: food,chile Welcome to Southern New Mexico! You have ventured upon the hottest spot in the U.S.A. I’m not talkin’ solar heat. I’m talkin’ chile fire. Chile peppers are the Land of Enchanters’ mysterious and highly addictive vegetable that may cause brows to sweat, noses to run, eyes to tear, and alas, guttural hiccups upon overdose. It’s a painfully pleasant experience we welcome many times daily. Not only do we devour the hot little number but we chile chat […] Read more »

Chile Remedies for a Hangover

Technorati Tags: chile,food,hangover,general interest Every New Years Eve we promise ourselves not to overindulge in “spirits,” but alas, it does happen. So if you’re reading this article in bed with an ice pack on your head and Pepto Bismol on the nightstand, consider yourself a self-induced victim of a hangover, or as they say in Spanish, of el crudo. No known cure for your misdeed exists, but the good news, say astute home chefs, is many recipes can dramatically ease […] Read more »

Cactus Memories and Prickly Pear Recipes

Technorati Tags: cactus,food,recipes “Back up, honey. No, a little bit more. If you step back a little bit, and to the left in front of the cactus, I’ll get a better shot,” I said to my husband, peering through my camera’s viewfinder. Just when I was ready to snap the photo, Ed let out a “Yow!” A jackrabbit, whose long ears poked regally through a creosote bush, suddenly leaped out. Startled by the commotion, the hare used his Herculean hind […] Read more »

Allergy problems? Eat chile!

Technorati Tags: chile,allergies,allergy,misc,food “It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you’ve done, or think you can do. There’s a confrontation with destiny awaiting you. Somewhere, there is a chile you cannot eat.” — Daniel Pinkwater, A Hot Time in Nairobi The poor souls who suffer from allergies, whose symptoms range from a stuffy nose and itchy eyes to profound sneezing, often depend on over-the-counter potions for temporary relief. But not true-blue New Mexicans. Land of Enchantmenters grab our home […] Read more »