New Mexico Tax Free Weekend

The first weekend of August, from 12:01 a.m. on Saturday morning until 11:59 on Sunday evening, New Mexico holds a Gross Receipts Tax Holiday. The tax savings applies, whether you are a student or not. Tax exempt items this year, include: Any type of clothing item under $100 per item; Any type of computer item under $1,000, to include tablets, like iPads; Any type of school supply under $30 per item. For more information, see Read more »

La Viña — April Jazz Festival and October Wine Festival

Technorati Tags: southwest,Las Cruces,Dona Ana,fall,spring If God forbade drinking would He have made wine so good? — Armand Cardinal Richelieu What hath Bacchus wrought? Drive down to 4201 Highway 28 at La Union, New Mexico and you’ll find out. Twice a year vintners Ken and Denise Stark stage their festivals at La Viña Winery - the April Jazz Festival and the October Wine Festival. Both times of year are delightfully sunny and warm in Southern New Mexico. Locals and tourists […] Read more »

Celebrating Leap Year Bithdays at the Leap Year Capital of the World — Anthony, New Mexico/Texas USA

Park in Anthony Photo courtesty Anthony Chamber of Commerce. Anyone who was born on February 29 must definitely feel cheated out of having a regular birthday party on their special day. One person, living in the two-state city of Anthony, NM/TX, did something about it. And in doing so brought a special tourist attraction to her home town. In 1988, Mary Ann Brown, a 1932 Leap Year Baby, formed the Worldwide Leap Year Birthday Club. She took her idea to […] Read more »

Come All Ye Tramps and Hawkers

Technorati Tags: event,Las Cruces Prig: he haunts wakes, fairs and bear-baitings. — The Winter’s Tale, IV,3,109 You’ll not find prigs at the annual Las Cruces Renaissance Craftfaire this November, but you’ll find plenty of good, clean fun. Perhaps a few jugglers, a few mimes, a few armored knights engaged in combat, surely a few jesters. But no prigs. You’ll probably encounter a wench hawking flowers or cookies in her best Eliza Doolittle accent, “Hey, lye-dee. Buy a cookie frum a […] Read more »