New Mexico Tax Free Weekend

The first weekend of August, from 12:01 a.m. on Saturday morning until 11:59 on Sunday evening, New Mexico holds a Gross Receipts Tax Holiday. The tax savings applies, whether you are a student or not. Tax exempt items this year, include: Any type of clothing item under $100 per item; Any type of computer item under $1,000, to include tablets, like iPads; Any type of school supply under $30 per item. For more information, see Read more »

Living Desert’s Mescalero Apache Mescal Roast: A Feast for the Senses

Visitors flock to Carlsbad, New Mexico, for its caverns and bats. Less well known, but equally extraordinary, are two aboveground attractions: the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens and its annual Mescal Roast, conducted by the Mescalero Apache people. We drove south from Santa Fe in the predawn hours on a Thursday in early May. Blessed by heavy spring rains, the land was spectacularly colorful. Near Vaughn, a freight train was silhouetted against the rising sun. Nearby, antelope grazed on expanses […] Read more »

The Apache Kid

Technorati Tags: The Apache Kid,people,southwest High in the San Mateo Mountains of the Cibola National Forest in New Mexico is Apache Kid Peak, and one mile northwest as the crow flies, at Cyclone Saddle, is the Apache Kid gravesite. The hiker who comes across the marked site in such a remote area may wonder who the Kid was, and perhaps will ask himself why, so far from the usual tourist attractions, such an elaborate memorial has been assembled. In the […] Read more »

Remembering float-fishing in New Mexico

Technorati Tags: water,outdoors,activity,activities,southwest,travelogue In the realm of travel, nothing can approach a successful river run on good water, with the opportunity for some gamefish along the way. Okay, maybe if we could work some hunting into that river run, too. That should be next. Browsing the magazine rack the other day - the most likely place, along with the local honky-tonk, to find me wasting my time - I spied a new outdoor magazine. At least it was new to […] Read more »

Posole Stew — a New Mexico holiday tradition

Technorati Tags: food At holiday time people throughout the world honor traditions, and New Mexico is no exception. One tradition many here look forward to on Christmas Eve is a steaming bowl of posole (po-SO-lay), a spicy corn stew that is known as the ceremonial dish for celebrating life’s blessings. New Mexicans have been enjoying posole for centuries. The cuisine here springs from three cultures: Native American, Mexican, and European. The Rio Grande Pueblo Indians, and their ancestors, the “Anasazi,” […] Read more »

Robert H. Goddard, space pioneer

Technorati Tags: people,Roswell,Chaves County Space of all kinds surround Roswell. Wide open spaces, Robert H. Goddard’s space experiments, and the crash of a UFO. Has the beginning of space exploration here been overshadowed with all the hype of the UFO crash in 1947? Probably. At the Houston Space Center and Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center, Robert Hutchings Goddard is known as the Father of Space Exploration. But it was here in Roswell in the 1930s that Dr. Goddard brought […] Read more »

Silver City Museum

Technorati Tags: advertorial,listing,businessdirectory If you were to look for the Silver City Museum expecting to find a square institutional building with a blank facade, you would be disappointed. If, however, you find yourself at a picket fence staring up at a charming red brick Victorian house with a three-story cupola, then you will have discovered the Silver City Museum. Comments from the museum Visitor Log range from “Fantastic!!”, “Excellent!”, and “Very Interesting!”, to “This is among the finest house museums […] Read more »

On the Trail of Billy the Kid

Technorati Tags: Billy the Kid,Lincoln,Fort Sumner,travelogue In 1878, Billy the Kid was capturing headlines across the American West. Three years later he was dead, shot down by lawman Pat Garrett. Even before his brief life played out, the Kid had become legendary, as either brutish murderer or daring avenger. To this day, the controversy continues. Was Billy the Kid simply living up to the code of the frontier? Or was he a lethal hot-head embellishing his own legend? Visitors from […] Read more »