Columbus, New Mexico’s soiled doves

“Soiled Dove”. Photo courtesy Bill Kelly. From the Ringo Kid’s girlfriend Claire in Stagecoach, through Miss Kitty in television’s Gunsmoke, to the waif-like Diane Lane in Lonesome Dove the prostitute has been among the more enduring images of the literary and cinematic West. She was called “soiled dove”, “shady lady”, “fallen woman,” “lost sister”, “saloon belle”, and a host of other appellations. She was quite simply the ubiquitous whore, and her portrait has been painted on many different canvases and […] Read more »

Columbus, New Mexico — Pancho Villa and the Railroad Depot Museum

The Railroad Depot Museum Photo courtesy Railroad Depot Museum. What vision comes to mind when you hear the name Pancho Villa? Bandit, hero, valiant leader, ruthless tyrant? All of those names have been associated with him. He was not an easy man to define; it would depend on when you met him during his career. Here in Columbus, New Mexico, the same holds true. Some of our citizens have been told by their older relatives that he was a defender […] Read more »

A walk across the border for pan dulce

A walk across the border for pan dulce By Phyllis Eileen Banks Pancho Villa Park in ColumbusPhoto by Joann Mazzio When we first moved to New Mexico from Alaska, we explored some out-of-the-way places because we didn’t have that opportunity in Alaska. Out-of-the-way places there required an airplane. Columbus, New Mexico, population 700, intrigued us after we learned that three families from Alaska had built adjacent houses, complete with airstrip, in that remote desert community. So what was there? It’s […] Read more »

Columbus — steeped in international history

Old Customs house in Columbus. Photo by Barbara Agte. With a fascinating history, a 24-hour border crossing, a varied and unique geology, a New Mexico State Park, a museum, and a mild winter climate, Columbus is a New Mexican village which attracts visitors from the U.S., Asia, and Europe year after year. Columbus has had an unusual and colorful history. The village was first established in 1891, just across the border from Palomas, Chih., Mexico. In 1902, when the El […] Read more »