Discover Hatch, NM - and its annual Chile Festival

Roasting chilies at the Hatch Chile Festival Photo by Carla DeMarco. Just when the rest of New Mexico begins to cool at the dawn of autumn, Southern New Mexico begins to sizzle. The fiery happenings begin on Labor Day Weekend when the normally pacific village of Hatch is transformed into blissful pandemonium. Hatch, known as the Chile Capital of the World, lies in the fertile Rio Grande valley, some 30 mostly-arid miles northwest of Las Cruces. The tiny town is […] Read more »

Celebrate Chiles at the Hatch Chile Festival

Chile is not going to come and go, like kiwi fruit. It’s going to stay, like rock’n’roll. — Paul Bosland, "Mr. Chileman," New Mexico State University Hatch, New Mexico calls itself the "Chile Capital of the World" Chile is surely not going to go away in tiny Hatch, New Mexico. As a matter of fact, there’s a bit of a frenzy this time of year. It’s just the annual Chile Festival in Hatch, a forty-minute drive along the Rio Grande […] Read more »

Hatch — chile capital of new mexico

Chiles displayed at the Hatch Chile Festival. Photo by Carla DeMarco Some of the 1,136 residents of Hatch might say "Chile Capital of the World." And of course, they are sure to point out that New Mexicans spell their chili with an e on the end instead of an i. According to the Roadside History of New Mexico, in 1988 the New Mexico State Legislature passed a facetious memorial threatening to deport to Texas any New Mexican caught using the […] Read more »