Alamogordo’s Space Center — learning about life in space with all its technical difficulties

The Little Joe 2 rocket was used to test the Apollo launch escape system. Photo by Michael and Allison Goldstein. As seasoned science-fiction fans, Allison and I approached Alamogordo’s Space Center with questions about liftoff velocity, orbital trajectories, and re-entry temperatures. Avid readers of Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, our minds were open to ideas regarding black holes, red planets, and little green men. We were, after all, enroute to one of the bastions of twentieth-century science: the NASA space […] Read more »

Alamogordo — city of the “fat cottonwood”

A father watches while his son rolls down a sand dune at White Sands National Monument. Photo by Carla DeMarco. Alamogordo had its official beginning in June, 1898, when the El Paso and Northwestern Railroad, owned by Charles B. Eddy, reached the town. Mr. Eddy was very influential in the founding of Alamogordo. He planned a community with large wide thoroughfares and irrigation ditches lined with trees. The name of this community was derived from those trees. They were large […] Read more »