Bob Orlinger — New Mexico’s killer deputy

Bob Orlinger. Photo from author’s collection Hero-worshiping gunslingers of the 1880s were on both sides of the law. John Wesley Hardin was the undisputed killer of the West, but most towns had their own monarchs; Wild Bill Hickok ruled over Deadwood, Wyatt Earp controlled Tombstone, Dallas Stoudenmire tamed El Paso, Long-haired Jim Courtright dominated Fort Worth, and in California Joaquin Murietta killed anybody that looked at him crossways. Bob Olinger’s place in New Mexico history roughly parallels Billy the Kid’s, […] Read more »

The Last Escape of Billy the Kid — America’s Longest Running Folk Pageant

Lincoln County Courthouse where Billy the Kid was held prisoner Photo courtesy Museum of New Mexico   It began about 60 years after the events that inspired it took place, and it has been going on for about another 60 years since. It is “The Last Escape of Billy the Kid” and it is held yearly at Lincoln, New Mexico, where it all happened. Started in 1940 as part of the Quatro Centennial, the pageant was, and is, staffed entirely […] Read more »