The Mystery of Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid Our most noted outlaw in the West is Billy the Kid. His legend has outgrown the real facts of this sometimes hated, sometimes loved young outlaw. He’s a mystery in spite of all that has been written about him since before he was killed. Today we still do not know who his real father was. We do not know the exact date of his birth or where he was actually born. The very first documentation about this […] Read more »

Bosque Redondo — destination of the long walk

Some of the more than 8,000 Navajo who surrendered to Kit Carson during his 1864 campaign of destruction through their homeland. <BR>(National Archives [#111-SC-87976]) When you say "Bosque Redondo" it has a melodious, pleasant sound, but the reality is just the opposite. It was the scene of one of the saddest events in the nation’s history. General James H. Carleton was in command of the Military in Arizona and New Mexico in 1862. Settlers were in danger of marauding Indians, […] Read more »

“WITH HIS BOOTS OFF” — Billy’s Obituary

"WITH HIS BOOTS OFF" (Billy’s Obituary) Billy Bonney, alias Antrim, alias Billy the Kid, a twenty-one year old desperado, who is known to have killed sixteen men, and who boasted that he had killed a man for every year of his life, will no more take deliberate aim at his fellow man and kill him, just to keep himself in practice. He is dead; and he died so suddenly that he did not have time to be interviewed by a […] Read more »

Ft. Sumner — pride of the pecos

Billy the Kid Grave. Photo by Phyllis Eileen Banks. The Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce brochure that touts the community as the Pride of the Pecos contains another item not often seen on such brochures: "Attitude Friendly." Those words beckon you, inviting a visit. Located on U. S. Highway 60 halfway between Albuquerque and Lubbock, Texas, 160 miles each way, old Fort Sumner was built in 1862. General James H. Carleton built the fort seven miles southeast of the present […] Read more »