Living in Clovis — from thunderstorm to snowstorm

It’s my first night in Clovis, New Mexico, and there’s a storm brewing outside.  How appropriate, since there’s one brewing in my head as well.  My husband and my six-month old son and I have just arrived here, after driving from Las Vegas, Nevada.  I’m tired, cranky, and already beginning to panic, even though we have been in this town less than three hours.  But as the sun sets on this attractive, high-plains community of approximately 35,000, and the wind […] Read more »

Field, Floyd, Elida, Elkins, Kenna, and Ranchvale — settlements in a sparsely populated land

Town Hall in Elida. Photo by Phyllis Eileen Banks These six settlements lie within a 100 mile area, although few and far between. The Llano Estacado, the Staked Plains, beckoned many people to come west and homestead in the early years of the 20th century. Little remains of Field, created by the consolidation of three rural schools. Located at the junction of NM 288 and 224, it isn’t even indicated on the most recent map of New Mexico. The post […] Read more »

Melrose, St. Vrain, Grier, Portair, and Texico — all in Curry County along Route 60

Along Highway 60 in Texico. Photo by Phyllis Eileen Banks. Melrose, at 4,599 elevation and a population of 877, is a viable town, 18 miles east of Tolar. However, it was known as Brownhorn in 1882 because it was located between the Brown and Horn ranches. When repair shops were built for the Santa Fe Railroad, its officials named the town Melrose - supposedly after Melrose, Ohio. Ranching is the economic mainstay of this region, with its sprinkler farming and […] Read more »

Bellview, Broadview, Grady, and Pleasant Hill — eastern New Mexico settlements

Pleasant Hill. Photo by Phyllis Eileen Banks. Though it has a small sign to indicate its location, Pleasant Hill no longer has a post office. Located on NM 77, only one mile from the Texas border in Curry County, it was organized in 1910. Originally it was a part of two ranches, the Brown and Shenault. Lee Barnes was fond of Pleasant Hill, Texas, and suggested that name at a meeting of local residents. During the early part of the […] Read more »

Clovis — city of the plains

"Clovis Man" sculpture at Clovis Community College. Photo by Phyllis Eileen Banks. The city’s history goes back thousands of years earlier to the "Clovis Culture." In 1932, A. W. Anderson of Clovis first discovered evidence of human occupation about 11,000 years ago at the Blackwater Draw site. Now the Blackwater Draw Museum presents evidence of the remarkable "fluted" points (a New World invention) and other stone and bone weapons. They occur in association with extinct Pleistocene age megafauna such as […] Read more »