Who Was Leonard Slye? And what does he have to do with Roswell, New Mexico?

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 5, 1911.  The building where he was born now houses the Riverfront Stadium, also known as Cinergy Field.  Later he and his parents lived on a houseboat for a few years.  Then solid land beckoned and his dad bought a farm.  Farms require long hours, hard work,  distance from neighbors, and schools.  But it agreed with Leonard.  He rode horseback to school since it was long before the days of school busing. […] Read more »

A Southern New Mexico Gem: Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park

If you are planning a trip to Carlsbad, New Mexico, don’t miss the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park. This gem in the rough offers a chance to get up close and personal with some fascinating creatures and plants. And it is all easily accessible from a short walk (or roll, for  those in wheelchairs or strollers). We visited in May, when the desert was truly alive, especially once we turned into the park gates just off Highway 285 […] Read more »