Mogollon News — Halley’s Comet

The Road to Mogollon

The last twelve feet of snow melted off in Mogollon in hardly over a week. Seems like spring has just come on in a hurry.

The creek only came up about a foot though and didn’t carry off much. Several tires washed through town and one chainsaw. Joe Malloney retrieved the chainsaw, but he didn’t like the brand, so he tossed it back.

A number of the fruit trees bloomed too early again this year. It is always a shame when the warm weather fools them. However, it is quite interesting to watch the bees shortly after sunrise landing on the frozen blossoms. Sometimes the flowers shatter with a lovely little tinkle.

Mortimer Walker appeared briefly. First time anyone’s set eyes on him since early November. He apparently climbed up the Fannie Hill in the middle of the night to see the comet.

Whether he saw it or not no one could tell, but his flashlight must have gone out on him somewhere up there. He passed through town, cursing Halley, barbed wire, and cactus about halfway between dawn and sunrise. No telling when he’ll come outside again.

Those lucky enough to have a garden on the sunny side of the street are already into their second crop of salad greens and got tomatoes and melons well along in cold frames. The sun is high enough now that even the shady side of the street is getting a fair amount.

Stella and George Nevil live on the shady side, but they are avid gardeners. So they have been out with pry bars and come-a-longs harvesting the spring crop of rocks.

The freezing and thawing brings new rocks to the surface every year, but the Nevils say it is nowhere near as hard to get their garden in condition to plant as when they started back in sixty-eight.

“First three or four years,” Stella recalls, “we had to use a winch truck just to pull the rocks out enough to turn the soil. We haven’t had to use the winch on a rock but once in the past three years.”

George says the truck has been worth the investment though. “We’re the closest wrecker from Whitewater Mesa to Snow Lake. We lost money at first. - Had no idea how fast we’d go through brakes. But now we charge by the vertical foot.”

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