Mogollon News — The Libyan Invasion


You can tell it’s spring. Flowers are blooming. Birds are singing. Days are getting longer. And the wind is blowing.

Armand Tremolo stepped out for a breath of air the other day. However, the air in the vicinity happened to be moving about seventy miles per hour.

Unbeknownst to Armand, at the very moment he was perusing the world famous Mogollon skyline, the fragrant spring breeze was removing the cap from his stovepipe.

The stovepipe cap missed Armand’s head by approximately two inches and landed, with a resounding crash, in a pile of scrap metal. Armand bolted, in a blind panic, in the direction of the most immediate assistance he could think of.

"The Libyans have invaded!" he shouted, as he burst through the door of the Bloated Goat, which, being the only public business establishment currently open in Mogollon, contained a good twenty percent of the resident population.

None of the three patrons were inclined to be impressed by Armand’s warning, although it was followed, right on cue, by the boom of an explosion. "See!" shrieked Armand, as he dove under a table.

"Just sounds like blasting at the mine," Joe Malloney replied. "Come on out, Armand. Let me buy you a shot. Calm you down."

Armand crept cautiously out from his hiding place. Just then, there came the report of gunfire from up the canyon. Armand headed immediately for the old mine which serves the Bloated Goat as a cellar.

Joe was now curious. The wind having died down to a mere forty-five miles per hour, he strolled up the road to see what was going on.

The hostilities turned out to be Stella Nevil running the cows out of her garden again. She was cussing a mile a minute while reloading her black powder elephant gun.

Joe shook his head sympathetically and wished Stella good luck. Then he ambled back down to the Bloated Goat. On his way, he noticed the cap was missing from Armand’s stovepipe.

"Hey Armand, wind got your stovepipe cap," he hollered at the cellar door.

"You’re sure it wasn’t the Libyans?" came a muffled reply.

"What would they want with your stovepipe cap?"

Armand did come out. However, he spent the rest of the day checking his stovepipe for terrorist bombs.

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