Mogollon News — The Balloon


This past weekend, Armand Tremolo received a visit by his niece, Martina Solari, and her nine children, of Tucson.

Armand, at fifty-seven, has never married. There are no children currently living in Mogollon. Armand is not used to kids. Things generally went all right, however, till Martina realized she had forgotten to bring an extra box of pampers.

She took the baby with her. The oldest girl, Natalie, rode along too, to get in a talk with her mother. This left Armand with seven children ranging in age from just two to thirteen.

Everything might have been all right if Martina had not made a wrong turn at the highway and ended up driving to Reserve. As it was, she was gone most of the day.

Armand described the experience as being, "Like I was back in Korea. - You know, the war nobody mentions except on MASH. Felt like I was surrounded, outnumbered. And they all move so fast!

"First thing Martina was out of sight, Dennise (she’s six) says she’s hungry. I say, ‘How about a cheese sandwich?’ She’s pleased as can be. I think I’m doing fine. Next thing I know, they all want a cheese sandwich, and there isn’t enough cheese to go around. You could of heard the ruckus clear to Mexico.

"By the time I had half of them talked into peanut butter, little Daniel, the two year old, and Steve, who is four, had found the grease gun, a couple of pipe wrenches, a can of nuts and bolts, and a five gallon bucket of flour. I’m not sure if they were making a cake or a rocket ship, but whatever it was supposed to be, it was a big one.

"That’s when Billy (he’s ten) discovered the balloon. I felt like a prisoner that got reprieved from death - just in time for a riot. It at least caught everyone’s attention. Except Cynthia. But she was no problem anyhow, though she wasn’t any help either. She just found an old Reader’s Digest book of condensed novels and read. A very serious twelve year old that Cynthia.

"I blew up the balloon. Had, ‘I like Ike,’ printed on it. I batted it to Billy, and he batted it on to Joanne (she’s nine). I held my breath waiting to see if she’d squawk or play. She laughed and batted the balloon on to Steve. By then they were all hooked.

"All but Cynthia. She just wanted to know who Ike was, so I told her. Then she went back to her book."

Martina and the kids left Monday morning. Armand has been over at the Bloated Goat ever since.

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