A Case Of Religion

The Road to Mogollon

Bulldog and Petunia are back after nearly a year away. They went up to see Petunia’s sister, Sue-Jean, at Hungry Horse, Montana, the first of last June, but about the time they got ready to come back, Petunia wasn’t feeling well.

Turned out Petunia’s ailment was morning sickness. Bulldog got offered a good job at a sawmill. What with one thing and another, it has taken them till now to make it home.

The baby was born Feb. 23 in Sue-Jean’s living room. They named him Samuel Hungry Horse. So let’s all give a big welcome to little Sammy, the first member of the new generation to make his home in Mogollon in several years.

Unfortunately, during his stay up north, Bulldog came down with a terrible case of religion. Petunia got it too, but not so bad.

Whether it was the Montana winter or being a father that did it to Bulldog is hard to say. Now he goes around all the time telling people what God has his permission to do.

Bulldog is still the best mechanic any town could ask for. He’s got his old job back at the mine, and we hear George Nevil has been talking to him about putting in a shop to go with the winch truck.

All of Mogollon is pleased to see Bulldog and Petunia home and proud as family to have little Sammy among us. We just hope Bulldog recovers soon from his awful affliction.

The winch truck got quite a workout last Sunday afternoon: Someone blocked the whole road trying to turn a travel trailer around where there wasn’t enough room. There were about thirty-five cars lined up when George got there.

He got that trailer out all right, but one of the tires caught on a rock and went flat. The owner wouldn’t pay George.

That evening someone noticed there was a travel trailer parked outside the Bloated Goat with a bunged up tire tied on the back. It wasn’t parked very well either and was blocking traffic.

By the time the owner came out, however, the travel trailer was out of the way. It was sitting neat as can be in a vacant lot on the far side of the creek.

Unfortunately, there is no crossing in that particular spot. So a good powerful winch truck was about the only way, short of a helicopter, to get it back on the road.

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